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Placing full arch or all on 4 dental implants is performed efficiently with our great team.

This department offers one of our core services with magnificent achievements. Treating patients that lost all of their teeth with dental implants Cairo & fixed Zirconium bridges on top, has been one of the most prominent services in our facility.

Our patients can expect to have their digital smile designed teeth with high precision. Using the German Made Veneers with 7 years’ warranty is an edge over many of our competitors. Patients can also have a temporary mock up to try in the new teeth before delivery.

Our facility is affiliated with a highly reputable hospital where cases such as: full mouth rehabilitation, extensive surgeries & uncooperative child are conducted under general anesthesia in an extremely safe place.

A specialized dentist with portable dental unit is a phone call away to treat your beloved seniors ranging from simple extraction up to dental implants at their homes.

Our Endodontist team could successfully satisfy all Root Canal cases in a single visit.

Atraumatic use of laser is a routine such as, removing gingival swelling, pocket eradication & sterilization, cosmetic reshaping of gingiva & disinfecting root canals.

Including fixed orthodontic braces, metallic or ceramic will always have considered the best treatment options offered to patients with misaligned or crowded teeth. Removable Orthodontics such as Invisalign are a better looking option too for mild to moderate cases.

Ranging from simple extraction, impacted wisdom tooth surgery, Maxillo-facial Oncology & Extensive Reconstruction Surgeries are all available services in this department.

Our Pediatric team are well trained to handle all cases of child with precision & efficiency. Decorated dental clinics, together with kid’s toys given to kids after finishing their treatment will add to the general ambiance of pediatric department.

Having a well-established multi-specialty group dental practice together with the hospital affiliation had successfully enabled our team to handle this special care group psychologically and dentally.to handle all kind of special need patients with a fantastic accomplishment.

We offer dental care for honored seniors ranging from simple extraction up to dental implants.

Now you can safely brighten your teeth in a single visit using Philips Zoom.

Advanced Periodontal treatment modalities are accomplished through our periodontists.

Preventive dentistry is dental care that helps maintain good oral health. It deals with all prophylactic measurements and services which can be delivered for susceptible patients to avoid the problem before occurrence as well as dealing with oral conditions to be discovered in its primary stages.
It’s a combination of regular dental check-ups alon...

About Us

Al Fawzy dental was established in 1999. Our two branches are fully equipped with eight dental units, have the potential to examine an average of a 100 patients / day.​ Founders of Al Fawzy joined the USA health care system and invested to upscale their dental career. This had enriched our patient care level to reach the utmost standards of care.

In Al Fawzy, we provide a comprehensive package of dental services ranging from simple cases to more complex ones. For instance, single visit Root Canal Treatment, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry are offered day-to-day.

Full mouth rehabilitation cases managed with dental implants (all on 4); implant supported overdenture & zirconium bridge work is a one-day-job too. Offering treatment under general anesthesia is a competitive service offered to patients travelling to Egypt as well.

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Dental Tourism

We use to serve patients from all over the world who are attracted to our quality dental practice with high-quality dental treatments during their stay in Egypt.

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Shaimaa Samir

About my personal experience Perfect order and cleanliness.. It is enough not to waste time waiting for regular appointments and the booking method is more than excellent. As for the doctors and the clinic, the...

Noha Akmal

First of all, I would like to say and honor Dr. Ahmed and his family that I consider them my family and friends and my life with them for more than twenty years.. Secondly, regarding the clinic, doctors and sta...

Ahmed Kamel Basuny

All thanks and appreciation to the work team for the good reception, welcome and punctuality, and I always thank the distinguished medical team.Thank you, Al Fawzy Dental Clinic team.

Abdelrahman Hussein

My family has a long history with this place, even being close customers of Dr.Fawzy himself. So when they recommended me here, even though the long 1h drive to get there… I love this place!! I had to get braces...

Ahmed Mohamed

Very good experience, special thanks to doctor Sarah.

Yossef Rezk

شكرا جدا جدا فريق العمل بالكامل وبالاخص دكتورة سارة بجد ممتازة وقمة ف الضمير ف العمل بكل دقة وكمان كل السكرتاريه استاذة /ياسمين واستاذة زينب واستاذة أمينة بجد قمة ف الضيافة والذوق العالى فعلا مكان يستحق اكثر من...

امانى عبد العزيز

الحقيقة أنا انبهرت بمستوي الخدمة في العيادة من نضافة وتعقيم وسرعة حجز واهتمام حتي بعد ما اخلص وامشي لازم تاني يوم يتصلوا يطمنوا وبجد من اول البنات في الرسبشن اللي كلهم ذوق وتعامل في منتهي الذوق والرقي وبخص بالذك...

Kahlid Kahlid

اولا شغل نظيف وناس يعرفوا ربنا. واحترام و تقدير. اياّ كان من الدكتور. او من الاستقبال. ما عندي اي وجع الحمدلله و لله الحمد الى الان افضل عيادة اسنان جيت عندها. شغل بضمير. وان شاء الله مكمل معاهم باذن الواحد الاح...

Mohamed Arafa

Dr mohamed hassan is so professional, expert and decent dentist. I used to have fear from dentists and specially the anesthetic syringe but he is high skilled and have perfect hand skills

Sayed Ibrahim

Very professional in handling, from the beginning of receiving the patient till the end of the treatment as well as the follow up , Much appreciated for the overall journey with you

Eman Fahmi

I am highly appreciated for Dr. Ibrahim Metwaly, for the successful implanting procedure, which made my shiny smile. With the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled, I have only my heartfelt words of gratitude for...

Maíra Cavalcanti

Very kind and professional team.

Ahmad Fahmy

Great with Dr. Sarah Foad Also its clean, and she uses very technical advanced devices to make sure everything is done correctly and punctual which is rare to find.The clinic price is reasonable and holds good v...

Ahmed Metenawy

مركز محترف و محترم من اول ا/ياسمين في الاستقبال لغاية د/كريم متشكر ليكم جدا

Angham Adil

انا قربت اتم سنة متابعة للتقويم مع دكتور احمد لسة قدامي سنة كمان ..بجد نضافة وانتظام والتزام في المواعيد وبجد دكاترة قمة في الزوق والاحترافية كلهم لي درجة اني بحس اني في بيتي التاني💕

Moh Alshehri

من دون اي مجاملة شكراً شكراً من القلب لجميع العاملين في هذي العيادة قمة الاحترام والتقدير والاخلاق العاليه من الرسبشن الاستاذة انجي وسلمى والاستاذ عبدالرحمن واشكر خصوصاً الدكتور باسم على الانجاز والشغل النظيف ،،...

حمزة رضوان

أحد أقضل مراكز الأسنان في مصر فريق عمل في منتهي الإحترافية أتوجه بالشكر لأستاذة إسراء من فريق خدمة العملاء والدكتور العبقري باسم وفريق التمريض زيارة واحدة تكفي للشعور بالراحة ومستوي الخدمة العالي جداً شكراً مركز...

Mohamed Amin

One of the cleanest medical clinics and one of the best doctors is Dr. Rahma

Sarah Eleithy

Actually iam so proud of dealing with Al Fawzy Dental clinic.respectable stuff from reserving to the end, no waiting time at all every patient has its own time exactly 👌 hygienic place which is most important...

خالد العلياني

للأمانه لقيت في عياده آل فوزي حسن الاستقبال ورحابة الصدر من موظفين الاستقبال والإلتزام بالمواعيد والتنسيق مع الأطباء. والعياده نظيفة ومرتبه وتشرح الخاطروالأطباء من أفضل أطباء مصر. تعقيم الادوات الطبيه وخفت يد ال...

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